ALOE needs YOU! To be a volunteer, all you need to do is love dogs, sign up for a day or days of your choosing and not mind getting a little dirty. In exchange, you will get tons of doggie hugs and kisses!

You can help care for the pets at our kennels including walking, feeding and cleaning. We also encourage you to take dogs to the beach, for a trail run or just give them lots of pats and love. We also need occasional volunteers for festivals and adoption days.

Thanks for helping!

Current Rescues
Our Sponsors


Mama Jean Edisto Island Classic, May 11, 2019
This terrific paddle craft race event is raising funds for ALOE pets two years in a row. Thanks to our first two sponsors - The Plantation Golf Course and C Hope Clark!


Edisto Island Retail Shops and Restaurants

We love our Edisto Island retail and restaurant sponsors who collect funds for us all year long in ALOE collection boxes and buckets. Thanks for all your support!

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